By maart 29, 2022 Algemeen

The new paradigm of sciences,  including fields such as cosmology, quantum physics, quantum field theory, complexity sciences and complex adaptive systems research, reveals that the universe exists and evolves as a unified entity through implicate orders of reality that literally in-form the emergence and evolution of life. This is best understood through the holographic principle in physics, which suggests that the appearance of our physical universe as a three-dimensional space (with the flows of time as the fourth dimension), originates from a two-dimensional holographic surface or boundary that is mathematically encoded at the smallest level of physical reality. This mathematical encoding consists of digitized information that acts as a numerical alphabet that fractally in-forms how life comes into being and evolves.

Furthermore, what this new paradigm research suggests is that what we call physical reality is essentially information, and more precisely holographic information. New theories from informational sciences and quantum physics also suggest that both space-time and energy-matter can be interpreted as complementary expressions of this digitized holographic information that forms part of the implicate orders of reality. In simpler words, it appears that our universe is not composed of separate parts and particles that are held together through mechanical processes and random events, as was the classic scientific worldview.

Learning, growing up in a universe which is intelligent, whole, and unified, will nurture a very different quality of humanness compared to growing up in a hostile and mechanical universe.

By understanding the nature of physical reality as information it also provides whole new ways of thinking about materiality, design, governance, and system architecture. People commonly think of information as data that are non-personal and abstract. The fundamental information of the universe is information, which generates fractal patterns that can be observed in the ways trees grow, cyclones form, weather patterns develop, our bodies grow and evolve, and also in the ways our body-mind complex learns and develops. What this reveals is that there are deeper implicate architectures of information that are whole and unified, and which in-form how (our) life manifests, unfolds, and evolves.  This new understanding of information has major implications for how we as humans can redesign the architecture of our human made systems, and in particular those systems that direct our educational, economic, political, and social development. In other words, the universe has a precise design or architecture that enables it and us to learn, develop, evolve, and become self-conscious for very precise reasons.

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