Would you build bunkers or windmills?

At times of great winds, some build bunkers, whilst others build windmills. (Chinese Proverb)

Directly inspired by nature, biology and ecologic principles for urban development and human applications. This Creative Innovation as collective research, design, transformation has produced a framework for urban principles in the 21st century.

Our Socio Ecologic Urbanism with its operating modules Social Capital in Transition, BioClimatic Design and Innovative Intelligent Engineering, Value Streams (based on circle economy) is a ‘theoretic and practice’ proven model to manage our increasingly complex and chaotic cities.
We Work …
In myriad dynamic synergistic relationships and recognize that our work is part of many interdependent value chains that extend back to the ecosystems from which natural resources are obtained, and that extend forward to the communities and ecosystems in which we live.
We Are …
Open to radical transformation using the catalysts of education, innovation, inspiration and collaboration, encouraging synergies across and engaging with multiple stakeholders in an open, transparent way, and where common values create connections.
Harnessing the power of social networks and the ‘pull’ media, using crowd sourcing, co-creation, transparent branding and values-based leadership for differentiation.